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Student union membership

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Before you pay the student union membership fee, please check from the Savonia Wilma that you have given the authorization to the transfer of your information from Savonia to the student union. (wilma.savonia.fi -> forms -> Savonia: Updating your personal information and study related decisions -> Student Union SAVOTTA)

Select the type of membership and the time for which you want to pay the membership fee for. Membership is activated when you visit redeeming a valid service point (see campus service points).

Online payment methods accepted: Mobile Pay, Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards or with Finnish online banking credentials.

Membership type
Membership fee/membership time

The student card becomes an official student card when you pay the student membership and get the term sticker on your card. With the membership, the student card entitles the student to all student benefits and discounts.

Full academic year and spring term stickers will be valid until the end of September. The autumn term sticker is valid until the end of January of the following year.

You can pay the Student Union membership fee for a semester, academic year or for your regular study period.

Find out more about the membership fee here.