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Announcement of new arrangements at campus

Julkaistu: 26.8.2020 klo 14:43 | Julkaisija: Sini Tuovinen (Viestinnän harjoittelija)

Savonia UAS has announced in students’ Reppu that they wish to ensure the health and safety of staff and students during the corona pandemic. Their aim is to minimize the spreading of the coronavirus amidst our community. Savonia will continue to follow the corona-situation and to keep staff and students updated on the latest guidelines.

Exceptions in teaching arrangements due to the corona situation continue during autumn 2020. Savonia’s basic guideline is that about 40% of teaching takes place on campus, and about 60% online. This will help prevent crowdedness on campus and insure a safe learning environment and advancement of studies.

The study schedules in Wilma are clarified by using colour codes to distinguish the online teaching from the on-campus teaching. The schedules are planned so that the study groups have the whole day either online or on campus. If the student’s PSP includes varying study groups, or they have voluntary study modules, this might not be the case.

  • Light blue = Teaching takes place on campus in the classroom indicated in the study schedule.
  • Dark green = Teaching takes place online, for example in Zoom, according to the teacher’s instructions.
  • Yellow = Project studies that can take place either on campus or online, depending on the teacher’s instructions.

Lectures’ timetable changes

Despite the limiting of the number of students present on campus each day, the student restaurants Round and Bistro will be crowded at times. Everyone can contribute to keeping the environment safe by maintaining sufficient distance from one another. To avoid heavy crowds, the dining at Microkatu campus will be scaled as depicted below. Savonia’s other campuses may have differing instructions.

Lesson length is 45 min + 15 min break. With double lessons the dining can be scaled as follows:

  • 4h of teaching in the morning at 8.15-12.00, lunch break at 11.30
  • 3h of teaching in the morning at 8.15-11.00, lunch break at 10.45
  • 3h of teaching in the morning at 9.15-12.00, lunch break at 11.45

All teaching that is scheduled 10.15-12 will here on out start at 10.00 so that the students can have their lunch break at 11.30. All classes that are scheduled 12.15-14 will start at 12.30.

Sport services

Sykettä sport services are operating normally during autumn semester. Special attention will be given to group sizes and hygiene in the sports facilities. We continue to follow the higher education and government guidelines and will adapt the services accordingly.

What to do if you feel ill?

If you have any respiratory symptoms such as cold, cough, or fever, you cannot come to campus. Always contact the health care services by phone first. You will then get further instructions. Please do not enter the health care centre or hospital before you have received instructions over the phone. Below you find links to directions to different campus cities.

Kuopio student health care
Kuopio city’s updates on coronavirus

Iisalmi Student Health Nurse +358 40 809 287

Varkaus Student Health Care +358 17 579 4600

So let’s remember to take care of good hand hygiene and keep the distance with others so everyone stays healthy!