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The new board has been elected!

Julkaistu: 25.11.2020 klo 20:21 | Julkaisija: Sini Tuovinen (Viestinnän harjoittelija)

Yesterday we organized the annual fall meeting, where we approved strategy for years 2021-2024 and also the action plan and budget for 2021. The organization meeting of representative council also chose the new board for the term 2021.

The student union’s board for the term 2021 is the following:

Antti Karppinen, chairperson of the board (Tourism and hospitality)
Antto Äyhynmäki, vice chairperson of the board (Engineering)
Peppi Puittinen, member (Business)
Viivi Mertanen, member (Social and health care)
Roman Belai, member (Engineering)
Annika Väänänen, member (Business)
Hilla Huupponen, member (Tourism and hospitality)
Jere Koivumaa, member (Engireering)

From the previously chosen representative council’s was chosen as the chairperson Eemeli Kangas (Tourism and hospitality) and as the vice chairperson Saara Asikainen (Business).

Congratulations for all the chosen ones!