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Teacher of the Year of 2020-21 is Hannu Viitala!

Julkaistu: 21.9.2021 klo 14:08 | Julkaisija: Annika Väänänen (Viestintävastaava)

In the spring the students of Savonia University of Applied Sciences got to once again vote for the Teacher of the Year. Many teachers got their deserved praise. Teacher of the year 2020-21 has been chosen to be Hannu Viitala, natural resources lecturer from Iisalmi campus!

“Hannu’s teaching has been described as fair, exciting, excellent and expertise. Hannu is able to take students’ different needs into consideration with his teaching. He also has a great amount of humour with him to keep the interest going in the lectures.”

SAVOTTA congratulates Hannu for one more time!