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Run for the Representative Council of Savonia University of Applied Sciences’ Student Union for 2023.

Election announcement – ​​Savonia University of Applied Sciences Student Union Representative Election for the term 2023

In the Student Union Representative Elections of Savonia University of Applied Sciences in autumn 2022, the Student Union Representative Council will be elected for the term of office from January 1 to December 31, 2023. A total of 12 members of the Representative Council and a maximum of 12 alternate members are elected in the Elections. Read more about the duties of the Representative Council here.

The elections are conducted by the decision of the Central Election Committee of the Student Union as follows:

Application period: 26.9.-09.10.2022

Publication of candidate lists: 13 October 2022

Early voting: 24.10.-1.11.2022

Actual election day: 2 November 2022

Announcement of results: 3 November 2022

Applying as a candidate

All actual members of the student union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences who have paid the membership fee of the Student Union no later than 09 October 2022 can apply in the representative elections. Apply here: nomination notice.

Forming an electoral alliance

Candidates can form an electoral alliance, which can include a maximum of twelve (12) people. A representative must be appointed for the electoral alliance, who can also be a person outside the electoral alliance. An electoral alliance is formed by filling out a notice of establishment, in which the full names and student numbers of all the candidates belonging to the electoral alliance must be stated.

A candidate can only belong to one electoral union. If the candidate has not announced that they belong to an electoral alliance, they are considered to be an uncommitted candidate.

The rules and election guidelines regulating the Elections in more detail, can be found on the Student Union’s website.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Annika Väänänen, chair of the Central Election Committee, vaalit@opiskelijakuntasavotta.fi

Juha Asikainen, executive director, juha.asikainen@savonia.fi

Elections of the Representative Council 2021

In the autumn 2021 elections the student union’s representative council was elected for the term of office from 1 January to 31 December 2022. The advance voting for the elections was held from October 25 to November 2, 2021, and the actual election day was November 3, 2021. A total of 12 members of the Representative Council and a maximum of 12 alternates were elected. The composition of the Representative Council will be confirmed at the 2021 organizational meeting of the Representative Council which is held on 24 November 2021.

Voting was conducted electronically and all members of student union who paid the membership fee no later than 24 October 2021 were eligible to vote. There were a total of 5,396 members entitled to vote. Voting took place electronically via a personal and one-time voting link.

There were a total of 23 candidates in the election, two of whom were non-aligned and the remaining 21 candidates as candidates for four different electoral alliances. A total of 644 votes were cast in the election. There were no abandoned votes in the election. The turnout in the election was 11.9%.

Election result:

Edustajistovaalin 2021 vaalitulos

1#16 Mikko SipiläTertan lista55155valitaan
2#8 Teo KarvonenOranssi vallankumous42121valitaan
3#21 Roosa HavukainenTradenomit vaikuttaa31105valitaan
4#4 Sonja KomonenTradenomit päättää3196valitaan
5#13 Emilia WiikTertan lista4877.5valitaan
6#23 Jonne HeikkinenSitoutumaton6767valitaan
7#7 Kia KylmänenOranssi vallankumous2660.5valitaan
8#17 Julia PeräläTradenomit vaikuttaa2152.5valitaan
9#14 Anna-Kaisa SavinainenTertan lista2651.666666666667valitaan
10#2 Saara AsikainenTradenomit päättää3048valitaan
11#12 Oona PappilaMuotoilun opiskelijat3246valitaan
12#10 Jori JulkunenOranssi vallankumous2340.333333333333valitaan
13#15 Anna SoukkamäkiTertan lista2638.75varalla
14#18 Oskari LuukkanenTradenomit vaikuttaa1735varalla
15#5 Veikka VarhoTradenomit päättää2132varalla
16#9 Iiris KettunenOranssi vallankumous1930.25varalla
17#24 Makar NalimovSitoutumaton2727varalla
18#20 Kiia SjöstedtTradenomit vaikuttaa1626.25varalla
19#6 Jonna IkäheimoOranssi vallankumous1124.2varalla
20#3 Kalle KauppinenTradenomit päättää1424varalla
21#11 Emmi HämäläinenMuotoilun opiskelijat1423varalla
22#19 Sami RaatikainenTradenomit vaikuttaa1421varalla
23#22 Annika VäänänenTradenomit vaikuttaa617.5varalla
24#25 Äänestän tyhjää27

The Central Election Committee of the Student union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences thanks all the candidates and voters for their activity!