Opiskelijakunta SAVOTTA


Survival Kit

Survival Kit is mean to help our Savonia’s exchange students to survive of daily life. Survival Kit includes important things like bed sheets, cutlery, kettle and some other kitchen equipments.

Exchange students can rent survival kits from student union with the help of their tutors. Tutors work as contact person between the survival kits and student union.

Kits are checked before and after the semester. Broken equipments must be replaced with the new ones. Bed sheets and towels must be clean when they are returned. The survival kit can only be rented as a whole deal, single things from the kit won’t be rented separately.

Survival kit can be rented for not more than one school year. Survival kit’s deposit is 60€. Some part of the deposit will be returned for student when the kit is returned to the student union. Survival kits will be checked when they are returned, and possible deficiency and flaws will be checked. Those will be reduced from the deposit.