Opiskelijakunta SAVOTTA


Bar & cafeSAVOTTA

Bar & cafeSAVOTTA has been opened!

Our new cafe called Bar & cafeSAVOTTA has been opened now on the first floor of D-wing. You can find it below the library called Opus. Just like “the older brother” cafeSAVOTTA, you can here the student priced coffee cards, snacks and stickers to your student card. This cafe has also license to serve alcohol drinks, so we welcome you to enjoy Koff’s bottle and tap drinks. Traditionally you can also find board and card games from this cafe. Welcome to check our new Bar & cafeSAVOTTA out!

Bar & cafeSAVOTTA helps you out with the student union membership and offers different services like students priced movie and skiing tickets. Check more information from here.

Opening hours

Mon-Thu 7:45-16:00
Fri 7:45-15:00


Telephone number: 044 785 6451
Email: cafe.savotta(ät)savonia.fi
Address: Microkatu 1 D, 1 krs., 70210 Kuopio