Opiskelijakunta SAVOTTA



The Student Union provides a wide range of services alongside the tasks set in the UAS legistlation. We are involved in developing the Savonia community and generating wellness services in the form of SYKETTÄ sports services, we run a cafe on the Savilahti campus, and organize hang out evenings and various opportunities for get-togethers in everyday life. Of course, we also offer events belonging to the student culture to our members. We do all this by promising that your studies in Savonia will be easier, much more fun and a bit cheaper!

The most visible of the services is the student card and the membership of the student union with all the exclusive advantages.

Student card issues can be easily handled by a student union online store. After you have joined to the student union you can pick the sticker indicating the validity of the student card from campus service points.

Also the training of tutors and the many accompanying activities related to tutoring are on responsibility of the student union.