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Savonia’s Student Union’s corona information

Julkaistu: 13.3.2020 klo 14:44 | Julkaisija: Sini Tuovinen (Viestinnän harjoittelija)

Many of you have already red, that the Finnish government has decided to recommend cancelling every public gathering over 500 people and that even smaller events should not be organized. THL (Finnish institute and health and welfare) has informed, that they will not organize gatherings exceeding 10 people. For our student union it is very important that our students stay healthy and safe.

Because of this all our events are cancelled until the end of March. Tutor training is cancelled, and as it was informed yesterday, it will happen over the internet.  Also, Puijonkadun Appro that was planned to happen 15.4. is cancelled. We will inform in our websites and social media about other events that are supposed to happen later.

Savonia has said, that if students have any symptoms, after they get back to Finland, they should get in touch with student healthcare and act as they are informed. If you get sick, you should inform student services at opiskelijapalvelut@savonia.fi

Student union of Savonia University of Applied sciences recommends being very precise about hand hygiene.

Eemeli Kangas
Chairman of the Board
Student Union of Savonia UAS

Juha Asikainen
Executive director
Student Union of Savonia UAS