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Savonia’s announcement: Contact lessons are cancelled

Julkaistu: 15.3.2020 klo 14:11 | Julkaisija: Sini Tuovinen (Viestinnän harjoittelija)

Savonia’s announcement about coronavirus on 15.3.2020

Savonia is preparing for transfer to distant learning

Savonia is preparing for transfer to distant learning. Scheduled contact learning sessions are, therefore cancelled from Monday to Wednesday.

Savonia will change as much contact learning as possible to distant learning for rest of spring 2020 season starting from Thursday March 19th. From Monday March 16th until Wednesday March 18th all contact learning (incl. lessons, laboratory works, simulations, examinations, other educational sessions, etc) will be cancelled.

All scheduled distant learning education (Moodle, Zoom etc.) will be carried out as planed from March 16th to March 18th. All internship periods will also continue as planned, unless the instructions from receiving partner will restrict the continuation.

All campus facilities including student restaurant services are available for the students in all campuses. Savonia self-service library as well as all library phone- and e- services are available in normal way. ICT-services will enhance their support for distant learning. Student office services are available per phone and e-mail. New instructions will be published to all students in case governmental authorities will restrict entrance to Savonia facilities.

Next instructions about the arrangements of the Savonia education will be published on Wednesday March 18th until 14:00. Please follow carefully Savonia internet and intranet pages for new instructions.

Savonia will do it’s best to ensure our students possibilities to carry on their studies in scheduled way even with some unavoidable changes in arrangements. The situation in whole society is challenging, however, working together we will manage it successfully.

In case, you have some need for special help on top of our published instructions, please contact our service desk for corona virus related issues: matkaturva@savonia.fi