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Welcome to Savonia

Welcome to study with us!

On behalf of the Student Union of the Savonia University of Applied Sciences and students’ associations, we warmly welcome you to study with us – You made a great choice!

There are hundreds of students beginning studies in different Savonia study fields at the same time with you. You will find friends from this group for studying, leisure and hobbies. Take advantage of the multidisciplinary study programs while studying at the same time with students of different fields of education. After graduation, you can find these friends from different tasks anywhere in the world.

Studying can often seem like a bit lonely. But you are not alone. Tutors, students’ associations and student union are here at your service in the issues related to studying and living at Savonia. We offer many services and benefits and different events to students. We are concerned about the well-being of students in Savonia and campus cities.

Our goal is that your studies will be a bit easier, somewhat cheaper and much more fun. The links below will give you a brief overview of the student union membership, student card and many other things.

Good luck for your studies, we’ll be seeing you at campuses!

PS. Have you authorized Savonia to transfer your data to the student union from this link? We need your permission that allows Savonia to transfer your current study information from the Savonia student administration system. This is how we ensure that you really are a student of Savonia. See more: data transfer permission.

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