Opiskelijakunta SAVOTTA


How to join?

How to join as a member?

You can join the student union by paying the membership fee. You need your Savonia student email and username to join the student union. The email and username are given to you on the first days when you start your studies at Savonia.

Step 1. Give the data transfer permission

Before you can pay the student union membership fee, please give permission to the transfer of your student information from Savonia to the student union.

By granting the permission, you ensure that you can join the student union, get the student card and receive a lots of student benefits at campuses and around Finland. At the same time, we at the student union get your information correctly to our system.

Giving the permission is easy:

  • If you have Finnish bank credentials you can give the permission in Savonia Account service. You can find more information about the data transfer permission from this guide.
  • If you don´t have bank credentials you can drop by at Savonia student services helpdesk and ask them to activate the data transfer to student union in student administration Peppi.
  • Or just send an email to Savonia student services, in which you ask the data transfer to be activated. The email is opiskelijapalvelut@savonia.fi. Remember to write your full name and Savonia student number (s2XXXXXX) to the email.

You will receive a notification in your Savonia email when your data has been transferred succesfully. Only after this you can pay your membership fee in the online store.

Step 2. Pay the membership fee

Select the type of membership and the period you want to pay the membership fee for.

There are three ways to complete the membership payment

  • In SAVOTTA online store

Accepted online payment methods: Mobile Pay, Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards or with Finnish online banking credentials.

You can pay your membership fee and order the student card at the same time. Student card can also be ordered after the student card photoshooting. The card will be ordered by student union and you will get confirmation when the card is ready to be collected from the campus.

  • By visiting our service points at Microkatu campus. Membership can be paid by card or cash only in these service points.
  • At campuses when SAVOTTA Pop Up is on the road at the beginning of academic year.

Picture for the student card

When you start studying in Savonia, you will need a picture for your student card. If you attended to a student card photo shooting on your first days of school, we already have your picture on our member register. On this case, you don’t need to add your picture while paying your membership on the online store. If you haven’t been at the photoshoot, you can either add it while doing the order on the store or you can contact our service point or student union with email jari.smolander(ät)savonia.fi to organize a photoshoot.

Step 3. Collect your student card and get it validated

You will get informed when your student card can be collected. Get it from the service point mentioned at the email. Your membership is activated when you get your student card validated with the term sticker. Validations can be made at all service points (check the campus service points).

Step 4. Enjoy your studies with us 🙂

Remember that we are here for you making your studies easier, funnier and cheaper.