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Why not become a member of the student union? Membership is very useful not only when walking around the campuses, but wherever you are in your studies. Make the most of your study time and the benefits offered by membership. The validity sticker on the plastic AMK student card and/or the Slice or Pivo mobile student card serves as the identity of the membership.

Student card for everyone

When you start your studies as a degree student at Savonia University of Applied sciences you will get a free student card. Every student will need one, because it will work as your ID, printing card and key for the lockers. There will be photoshoot for the student card at the beginning of your studies.

It is recommended that you order a plastic student card, as it works on campus as a student’s ID card, as an identification card for multifunction devices, and as a key to storage lockers. In the social and health fields, the plastic student card is also used during internships as a student ID card.

If you buy the membership of Student Union, you will get a sticker for the card which will provide student discounts and other benefits for you. After buying the membership you can also download the mobile version of student card from Slice app.

As a remote student, you do not necessarily need a plastic student card. In this case, you can use the Slice and/or Pivo mobile student card offered by the student union to its members. These can be implemented easily through the online store. See more information and detailed operating instructions here.

Who can join?

Every degree student at the Savonia University of Applied Sciences can join as a member of the Student Union. Also exchange student are welcome to join as members!

What am I getting?

  • The official finnish student card and student discounts accross Finland
  • Discounts from cafeSAVOTTA and Bar & cafeSAVOTTA
  • Sport services in cooperation with SYKETTÄ services
  • SAVOTTA events and products like the student calendar
  • Cheapest movie tickets in Finland to Finnkino movie theaters
  • Freetime activities like get togethers, hang out evenings and international clubs
  • Services at campuses
  • You can vote in the student union elections and apply for the student union representative council or board.