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Membership news – SAVOTTA is the second largest student union in Finland

Julkaistu: 16.6.2020 klo 17:14 | Julkaisija: Juha Asikainen (Toiminnanjohtaja)

The student union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences has risen to become the second largest student union in Finland in number of members. There were 5 023 members as of the announcement date of spring 2020. The largest student union in Finland is Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ student union with almost 7 000 members.

In proportion to the number of students present at Savonia University of Applied Sciences, 89 per cent of the students are members of the student union. The student union is very happy about the good development of membership after the challenging spring and spents few more days planning the coming academic year before the summer holiday.

Happy summer to all