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Sports afternoon on Tuesday 21.2.2023

Julkaistu: 17.2.2023 klo 14:30 | Julkaisija: Juha Asikainen (Toiminnanjohtaja)

Sports afternoon on Tuesday 21.2.2023 at 12:00 – 16:00

University of Eastern Finland’s and Savonia University of Applied Sciences’ students and staff members are enjoying their sports afternoon on 21.2. at 12-16. Every event in sports afternoon is open for all students and staff members of Savonia and UEF and Uniarts as well as the students of HUMAK Kuopio campuses. You don’t need a SYKETTÄ sticker to participate in these events! You have to register as a user if haven’t done it before. You can find the registration form here. More information from SYKETTÄ-pages.

Welcome to join in and feel good!