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Join as a member of the Student union

Julkaistu: 14.11.2022 klo 14:28 | Julkaisija: Juha Asikainen (Toiminnanjohtaja)

Hi to you all students of Savonia!

This e-mail is a reminder for you who is not already a member of the student union SAVOTTA. Student union SAVOTTA represents all students in Savonia! The best and most visible benefit of the membership is the student card and its sticker – either a plastic one in your wallet or the electric on your mobile device via the Pivo application.

Five good reasons to join as a member during your studies:

  • We run the two campus cafés at the Microkatu campus and offer great amount of benefits and discounts to the members
  • We organize student sport services in cooperation with the SYKETTÄ-services
  • We have the best events: Tahkofest, Winterfest, Puijonkadun Approt, Kauppakadun Improbatur etc!
  • We train the tutors for the needs of Savonia
  • We promote your interests: we take care of the student welfare, promote affordable prices and so much more!

Nothing of these would be possible without you – my dear members. The price of the membership is not too expensive for your studies to be easier, cheaper and funnier!

Join as a mamber NOW, either online or at our service points at the campuses.

Best regards,

Student Union SAVOTTA