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Great Place to Learn goes Wappu with VESALA! 🎊🎈🎉

Julkaistu: 19.4.2021 klo 16:05 | Julkaisija: Juha Asikainen (Toiminnanjohtaja)

Savonia University of Applied Sciences and the Suotuisa project offer Great Place to Learn goes Wappu live stream. The performer at the event is one of Finland’s most multi-talented artists, Vesala!

Student of Savonia – join to this springs most epic Event and give a moment to your own well-being. The Great Place to Learn goes Wappu event will be broadcasted live on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 starting from 6 p.m. The program includes Vappuetkot and the gig of the super-popular Vesala. The event will be Hosted by Juha Jylhäsalmi.


Win tickets to you and your friend to the front row! Participate to the draw in Reppu.