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Teacher of the Year

Jouni Silfver was chosen as the Teacher of the Year in 2020

Student Union of Savonia UAS had a honor to name Savonia UAS’s teacher Jouni Silfver as Teacher of the Year in 2020. Due to this exceptional situation, we couldn’t organize the annual event at the Kuopio’s town square. Anyhow, the Teacher of the Year will be rewarded later this year.

This year chosen Teacher of the Year is having a lot of experience from his field. Students say that he has kept his teaching very clear and professional, without forgetting the casual touch in lessons. He has also held online courses and zoom-lessons very well and clear.

The Teacher of the Year got a diploma and “the challenge cup”. Nomination isn’t supposed to put teachers in “a ranking list”. The meaning of the nomination is to give praise and acknowledgement of great teaching and inspiring expertise.

All the chosen Teachers of the Year of all time in Savonia UAS

  • 2020 Jouni Silfver / Design
  • 2019 Sirkka Malila / Social and Health care
  • 2018 Abdelazim Hannoura / International Business
  • 2017 Terttu Niskanen / Business
  • 2016 Paula Niemi / Music and dance
  • 2015 Marja-Anneli Hynynen / Social and Health care
  • 2014 Ilkka Markkula / Social and Health care
  • 2013 Auli Pohjolainen / Iisalmi
  • 2012 Olli Sankilampi / Engineering
  • 2011 gap year, rewarding was transferred from at the start of school year to the end of the school year (vappu)
  • 2010 Juhani Rouvali / Engineering
  • 2009 Eeva-Riitta Ylinen / Social and Health care
  • 2008 Heikki Likitalo / Business
  • 2007 Ilkka Markkula / Social and Health care
  • 2006 Iiris Matilainen / Iisalmi
  • 2005 Jouko Kivimäki / Design
  • 2004 Seija Lötjönen / Tourism