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The Teacher of the Year 2024 is Terhi Kulo

The Teacher of the Year 2024 is Terhi Kulo

Julkaistu: 30.4.2024 klo 16:00 | Julkaisija: Juha Asikainen (Toiminnanjohtaja)

Since 2004, the student union has annually awarded a teacher who, through their actions, promotes students’ learning and everyday ease. The Teacher of the Year receives a certificate of honor and the Teacher of the Year rotating trophy. The theme of the rotating trophy is a log driving hook, symbolizing the teacher’s role as an inspiring guide along the student’s path forward. The selection of the Teacher of the Year does not rank teachers but primarily serves to express gratitude and recognition for excellent teaching and inspiring expertise.

This year, an impressive 384 nominations were received for the Teacher of the Year. Thanks to all participants!

The Teacher of the Year award for 2024 goes to Terhi Kulo!

Here are some comments from students about Terhi’s work:

“She is incredibly positive, understanding, fun, and lovely. Terhi approaches her teaching, colleagues, and students with immense warmth and respect.”

“Terhi is a versatile and inspiring individual who is dedicated to supporting her students’ learning and holistic development. She inspires students to learn by offering interesting and meaningful learning experiences, while also encouraging them to do their best. Terhi genuinely cares about her students, understands their needs and backgrounds, and communicates clearly and effectively with us. Fairness and equality are important to Terhi, as well as flexibility and adaptability in different learning situations. As a good teacher, Terhi constantly strives to develop her own skills and encourages students to be brave and creative thinkers. Overall, she creates a positive learning environment where students can flourish and achieve their full potential. I truly believe I wouldn’t graduate without the support I received from my teacher.”

The student union of Savonia University of Applied Sciences, SAVOTTA, congratulates Terhi for her commendable work for the students.

“It’s gratifying to see the widespread appreciation for teachers’ skills and the significant attention given to numerous professionals in students’ nominations. Students truly value teachers’ professionalism and the support they receive from them. Moreover, this reflects the excellent spirit and atmosphere within our university community,” says Jonne Heikkinen, chair of the board of student union.

“Being chosen as the Teacher of the Year is an unbelievable honor, and I’m truly speechless! The range of emotions is vast – joy, happiness, gratitude – and it’s hard to fully comprehend it all right now. This recognition holds immense significance for me, and I deeply value it. This acknowledgment isn’t just mine but belongs to the entire teaching community. It demonstrates the genuine and meaningful impact teaching has on students’ lives. I’m proud to represent this important profession,” expresses Terhi Kulo, the 2024 Teacher of the Year.