Opiskelijakunta SAVOTTA



Bar & cafeSAVOTTA is now also open after lectures!

Julkaistu: 9.9.2020 klo 15:28 | Julkaisija: Sini Tuovinen (Viestinnän harjoittelija)

New semester is here! We opened new Bar & cafeSAVOTTA at the beginning of the year and now it has even longer open hours! Cafe is now open even after the lectures so the students can stay at the campus over the coffee, evening snack etc. even after the school. You can spend time by studying or just hanging out with your friends by playing for example board games.

Bar & cafeSAVOTTA has also alcohol serving right. So notice that the serving time ends everyday one hour before closing time. Check the new open hours above! See you at the campus!